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The NMG acts to identify and address gaps in available proficiency panels for its member laboratories.


Preparations for the Challenge Test for 16S rRNA sequencing and MALDI-TOF are underway at the NML.  Laboratories that would like to join in this test but have NEVER PREVIOUSLY participated in this exercise are asked to contact us regarding the process on how to enroll.


The NMG aids in ensuring specific needs of its member laboratories are addressed, often working alongside the other laboratories to provide panels for orphan pathogens. In the past, the NMG offered panels in:

▪ West Nile Virus Proficiency Panel
▪ H1N1 Influenza Proficiency Panel

Many of the current and past panels are the result of a collaborative effort between the NMG and the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML), which continues to provide many of these panels to our member laboratories.

The NMG continues to welcome its members' suggestions for future proficiency panel needs.

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