Tenth National Molecular Microbiology Diagnostics Users Group Fall Meeting and Annual Conference

Peter Gilgan Centre for Research and Learning
The Hospital for Sick Children
Toronto ON

Monday, November 28, 2016
Tuesday, November 29, 2016



  • 2016 NMG Annual Conference Summary (pending)

  • 2016 NMG Annual Conference Program [Link]

Presentation Highlights

  • Testing for Enteric Pathogens:  Why a Community Hospital  Chose the Molecular Approach [Link]

  • ONETest Molecular Diagnostics for Infectious Diseases [Link]

  • ELITe InGenius – The Sample to Result Solution to Improve Lab Workflow [Link]

  • AltoStar – The Complete Molecular Automation [Link]

  • Direct Susceptibility Testing of Positive Blood Cultures: A New Diagnostic Tool for Early Antibiotic Optimization in Patients with Sepsis [Link]

  • The Potential of Multiplex Real-Time PCR – A Modular Approach [Link]

  • How Rapid Influenza Testing Reduces Patient Isolation Days [Link]

  • Solana: An Isothermal Platform with Sustainable Solutions for Influenza and Other Molecular Testing

  • Technological Advancements in the Microbiology Laboratory

  • NMG Annual Conference – A Look Back at the Last 10 Years

  • Impact of Culture Independent Tests on Public Health and Epidemiology

  • Results of the 2015 National Challenge Panel for 16SrRNA Gene Sequencing and/ or MALDI-TOF

  • Update on Implementation of a National Maldi-TOF Database

Tell Us About Your Laboratory

  • Automated workflow for bacterial whole genome sequencing in a Public Health laboratory

  • The Alberta Provincial Pediatric EnTeric Infection TEam (APPETITE): Province-wide Identification of Enteric Pathogens Responsible for Childhood Gastroenteritis

  • Evaluation of a qPCR Assay to Screen Water Samples for Legionella species

  • Molecular Serotyping for Salmonella in Alberta

  • Preliminary Evaluation of a Laboratory Developed Multiplex Gastroenteritis Assay and the SeeGene Allplex Gastrointestinal Full Panel

  • Gastrointestinal Pathogen Testing by Multiplex PCR in a Paediatric Hospital

  • Modernization of the Enterics Laboratory for the Genomics Era